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Books by Lindsey Townsend


Letting Go: Surviving and Thriving Through Life’s Greatest Trials



How do you overcome a heartbreak that you’re not sure you can survive?

That was the question facing Jo Ann Brumit, mother and CEO, when her life was forever changed by the unexpected death of her daughter.

Written by Lindsey Townsend, this memoir feels like a heart-to-heart conversation with a dear friend, offering practical, empathetic advice on how to face a wide variety of challenging life situations with hope, courage, and persistence.

Children’s Books

A portion of the proceeds from every Letting Go children’s book sold are donated to help children’s charities and children in crisis.

Cody’s Big Move


Moving is hard—even for baby chickens.

Meet Cody, who thought he would live in his barn with his best friend forever. But one day, a big moving van pulled up, and he has to leave all of his friends to move to a new and strange place.

Will he ever make any new friends or stop being so homesick? Find out how Cody finally learns how to let go of the past.

Maxi’s New Family


What’s a mini teacup pig to do when her dad doesn’t come home to sleep in his favorite mud pen anymore?

When Maxi’s father moves away to a new home, she feels sad, mad and lost. What if he stops loving her?

Follow Maxi on her journey as she discovers that even when families change, some things always remain.

Gary’s Baaaad Habit


If you see something that you really want, why shouldn’t you take it?

This wise and wonderful tale tells the story of Gary the goat, who finds himself in trouble when he makes some bad choices.

Discover why it’s never a good idea to borrow other people’s things without permission…or to eat them!

Barry Gets Bullied


Standing up to a bully is hard, no matter how old you are.

Barry is a little brown bull with a big problem.  He gets bullied every single day by a big meanie named Bruno, and he’s sick of it.

Come along for the ride as Barry learns how to take the bull by the horns and  turn a foe into a friend.

Available on and the Letting Go website

Coming soon: Socks Can’t Trot!






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