Deep thoughts, cute shoes

You can Botox, Spanx, scrub, and microderm all you want in an effort to avoid aging. But the hands will always give you away. It was a couple of years ago when I noticed that my hands had become not just crepe-looking, but creepy looking: veins popping out, age spots, the beginning of fingers turning in with arthritis.

Now you can even get your HANDS injected with Restalyne, for Pete’s sake, in an effort to look younger. I have to admit, this is where I draw the line. On the one hand, I am all in favor of anyone doing anything they can afford that makes them feel better about themselves.

On the other, I think we Boomers have gotten a bit ridiculous in our denial of aging and our relentless pursuit of the fountain of youth. Guess what, guys? If we’re lucky enough to live long enough, WE’RE GONNA GET OLD. Deal with it.

As for me, if I have an extra $1000, I’d rather spend it gazing at something in the world that lasts–like the ocean or the mountains–and using those creepy old hands to lift a glass of wine with my friends. Not navel-gazing at my own fingers.

What do you think? Are hand injections a worthwhile and necessary part of maintenance as you age?

Wait 30 years, grasshopper. Just you wait.

Comments on: "Whose creepy old hands are those, anyway?" (1)

  1. Just what I feel about my arthritic 74 year old hands! I remember a picture of Jackie Kennedy looking ravishing sitting on a boat, and then seeing her knobbly, veined and spotted hands – she’d have been in her early sixties – and thinking to myself – there’s no disguising hands!

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