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Life’s Not Fair

Japan got decimated with a tsunami. We didn’t.  That’s not fair.

Millions of babies around the world die from famine and lack of clean water every year. Mine didn’t. That’s not fair.

I complain because every time I turn around, there is a mountain of clothes to wash. Other people don’t have anything more than the clothes on their back. That’s not fair.

Here are 29 other ways I have benefitted from life not being fair:

1. I did not die when I went whitewater rafting in Class V rapids, the boat went down and I dislocated my shoulder.

2. I have a healthy son who is the light of my life.

3. I had the courage to leave Chicago. And start over.

4. I know what love is.

5. I have never personally experienced domestic violence.

6. I have never lost a child to war.

7. I have never personally experienced racial prejudice.

8. My parents did not abandon me in an orphanage.

9. I was an adult before I lost my parents.

10. I’ve been stupid enough to drive after drinking but lucky enough that I never hurt anyone.

11. All of my mammograms have come back clear.

12. I was born in the U.S.

13.  I was able to pay my bills this month.

14.  I have health insurance.

15. I did not hit my son that time I pulled in the garage and didn’t see him standing there against the wall.

16. My plane has never crashed.

17. I have a home that brings me joy and a payment we can afford without stress.

18. I belong to an amazing book club.

19. I hung around with some very bad people when I was younger but nothing really bad ever happened to me.

20. I’ve had MS for 12 years and you would never know it by looking at me.

21.  I’ve had a car and a driver’s license since I was 16.

22. I started getting paid to ride horses when I was 14.

23. I grew up in a safe, beautiful place where I could explore outdoors.

24. I spent the last two weeks of my mom’s life with her and was there to hold her hand for her final breath.

25. I have a supportive husband who is fine with me working my own schedule and making less money so that I can be the parent I want to be.

26. My inlaws are loving.

27. I had a father who taught me that people are more important than things.

28. I have lifelong relationships with girlfriends.

29. I have a sister I love who understands my family’s own particular brand of insanity.

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